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We stand together in love


" we remember MAIDAN "

The WORLD is a click away.

The WORLD is a click away.

Realizeing your digital value, thru livestream and video and YOU being your own program host we can stand together in LOVE.

Doing business.

Doing business.

Communicating digitally globally like UKRAINE, thru LOVE and understanding how we create a sustainable WORLD, you will win and reach your global market.

Bulding relationships.

Bulding relationships.

Thru LOVE you build lasting relationships, that wins wars. We stand together with UKRAINE in LOVE creating our sustainable WORLD.



April 13, 2022 No comments


WORLDsupportukraine stands united with UKRAINE in LOVE and the fight agianst EVIL! This fight is a GLOBAL fight we have to win to create our sustainable WORLD, and is the base of our future. I have been fighting this fight against EVIL from NORWAY my whole life, understanding the base of EVIL thru my upcoming […]

April 5, 2022 No comments

I want to make a difference.

Help me help the UKRAINIAN people and children, I have been working with people my whole life and want to make a difference for the UKRAINIAN people and the WORLD. If you want  to help us get startet WORLDsupportUKRAINE, get in touch. I`m located in NORWAY the southern part in a very nice place called […]

April 3, 2022 No comments

Hi and welcome to our page!

We will work hard to bring and share our LOVE for UKRAINE and its people and help the WORLD learn thru their fight for freedom from EVIL and choice of LOVE and their future creating and showing us how we create our sustainable world and bring all the values out to everybody, on how to […]